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Meet Our Mentors

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Rashadah Jordan, PA-C, CAQ Psychiatry

Rashadah is a board-certified physician assistant practicing in psychiatry in Virginia. She is the founder of Dreams Inspire Life Program. Her passion is to continue to give back to the future of the physician assistant profession. She hopes to lead by example as she continues to pursue her mission to advocate for mental health and diversify the profession. 

Afnan Beauti, PA-S

Afnan Beauti is a current PA student at Emory and Henry College in Virginia. Afnan is the cofounder of DIL. She has worked toward becoming a PA basically my entire life and has been through the application process more than once. She finds reward in offering advice and support to Pre-PAs and uplifting underprivileged minorities on their pursuit of medicine.

Kasey Woodson, PA-S

 Kasey Woodson is a second-year PA student at Mississippi College in Clinton, MS. She is the first in her immediate family to graduate from college, and pursue medicine. She is passionate about assisting Pre-PA students on their journey to pursuing the PA profession. 

Raabia Ansari, PA-S

Raabia Ansari (PA-S) is a member of the UNT HSC class of 2024. She has gotten through 3 cycles of CASPA, 2 years of interviews, and 7 years of healthcare experience. As a PA, she hopes to work with underserved women and educate patients on their health.


How It Works

          We offer services based on a six-month service. Depending on which package you choose determines which part of the year your program will fall.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Book a Consultation

You can choose to discuss plans over the phone if more guidance is needed or email us for more information. 

Choose a Plan

We offer a six-month plan for Pre-PAs at the beginning of the year. A six-month plan for PA students at the end of the year. 

Pick My Brain

If you have general questions, you can book a one-hour consultation with one of our mentors for gudiance.

Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.


Interested in one of our plans, but do not know where to start?  Book a 15 mins consultation. 

60 min consultations are for "pick my brain" consults. 


Are you a Pre-PA? Non-tradional student? or just lost? We offer services to make sure you have a complete checklist for CASPA. 


Are you a PA Student looking for guidance prior to the clinical year or preparing for graduation?

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Do it yourself is access to all assignments included in the Pre Cohort and assistance if needed for PA School



“My time spent with Dreams Inspire Life Coaching Program gave me that extra stamina I needed to organize and fine-tune my applications for PA School”

Morgan Candace